Role: Digital Executive

My role involved me working closely with my fellow digital executive to produce video, social and live stream content.
I also created the digital plan and strategy, production schedule, posting schedule and other vital paperwork.

Digital Plan & Strategy Social Media Policy 
Production Schedule Live Room Schedule 

Producing and Editing Video

A large part of my role was editing video for both social platforms and for the fully visualised ‘Mario Party’. Below are the videos I have produced and/or edited for Unlocked.


Highlights from the Mario Party

You can watch the full visulisations using the buttons the right.

I was the executive producer of the ‘Mario Party’, a one-hour live special of Play Again, which was fully visualised. My role involved me procuring music videos and dubbing them with the radio or power intro edit of the song. I also filmed and edited the packages for the live show, as well as managing the video playout software and Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio HD.

Mario Party

Trophy Ceremony

Natalie Plays

I assisted my fellow digital exec for the live elements of the feature ‘Natalie Plays’. He predominately led this feature through completing extensive research and planning the logistics of the setup including equipment booking. I assisted with connecting all the equipment up and running the streaming computer, which was responsible for mixing and broadcasting the inputs to the web.

Social Media

As well as creating the ‘meet the presenters’ campaign and producing the promo videos for State of Play; I worked with my fellow digital executive to draft tweets to go out during non-broadcast days and re-drafted tweets provided by producers, that coincide with output, to meet the style guide.


My role also saw me looking after the domain (emails), creating and managing the web player and overseeing the website. It was important that I oversaw the website to make sure it fit the brand’s house style and that content was being created to deadlines. Unfortunately, as the website was not completed in time for the launch, I had to set in and make various amendments.